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Hair Removal


SharpLight’s advanced technologies is based on intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, or photoepilation.  The super cooled energy wand eliminates the painful heat sensation common in other hair removal technologies.

The transfer of high-heat in active growth follicles causes them to coagulate and limit re-growth. SharpLight is an effective and painless solution to permanent hair reduction and removal.

Hair Removal Treatment

Show off your smooth skin with SharpLight- IPL hair removal treatment.


  • Sharplight advanced technology with cold wand application
    • Non-invasive and painless
    • No messy gels required
  • Small/medium and large body area affordable pricing
  • Affordable package pricing available
  • Test patch required – same day treatment available for some skin types
*prices to be determined with Consultation

*Prices do not include tax or gratuities.

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