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Visia Digital Skin Analysis

Document your facial progress over time with Visia Digital Skin Analysis, a multi-point position system that gives you perfectly registered images at frontal, left and right views.

Reg. $129*
($100 OFF)

Dysport wrinkle injections

Rejuvenate your appearance by erasing fine lines and wrinkles in less than 10 minutes.

  • 50 units of Dysport and an Express Facial for $399.00
  • 40 units of Dysport for $300 – $7.50/unit
per unit*

Micro Needling for Hair Growth

Microneedling is a proven method to stimulate hair growth in men and women suffering from androgenetic alopecia by stimulating blood circulation throughout the scalp, inducing hair stem cell growth factors to promote hair growth, and increasing the proliferation of collagen. Whether you use microneedling in conjunction with other hair loss medications such as minoxidil or finasteride, it will definitely provide a big boost you need in halting and possibly reversing hair loss.

for 1 treatment. Reg. $228 (save $53)*
for 6 treatments Reg. $1368 (save $468)*

Classic Microdermabrasion

For our Classic Microdermabrasion, our esthetician moves a pen-like wand—with a diamond-studded tip—gently over your face in short, quick strokes, breaking up dull, dead skin cells as the wand whisks them away.

for 1 session. Reg. 180 (Save $141)*
for 2 sessions. Reg. $360 (Save $285)*

*Prices do not include tax or gratuities.

N.B. All services must be prepaid at the time of booking.

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