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Sanitation Procedures


Arriving Early or Late

To relax and enjoy the full benefit of your treatments, we suggest you arrive 15 minutes early for your spa treatments if it is your first time visiting Breathe Spa. You will be provided with refreshments and you can relax in our comfortable lounge.  In the event that you arrive late, we may have to reschedule or shorten your treatment time in order to not to delay or inconvenience clients following you. If we are running late we will be happy to offer you a complimentary Celluma Low Level Light Therapy session.

Cancellation Policy

All Spa Treatments and Services of 1 hour or more in duration require payment in full at the time of booking to a valid credit card.  To allow sufficient opportunity to accommodate other appointments, we require 72 hours’ notice for cancellations or changes to bookings for all of our Spa Treatments:

  • Spa Packages or Spa Treatments requiring 50 minutes or more
  • Group packages of 2 or more people

Cancelation with 72 hours notice will be fully refunded to your credit card.

Cancelation within 48 hours will have a charge* of 50% of the cost of the service, 50% will be returned to your credit card.

*You will have the choice to reschedule your appointment so that your fees are not forfeited. There is a 3 month rescheduling time for rebooking.

Cancelation within 24 hours or the same day will incur the full charge* of the service.

We reserve the right to charge* a fee equal to 100% of the cost of service according to our cancelation policy.

*You will have the choice to reschedule your appointment so that your fees are not forfeited.   There is a 3 month rescheduling time for rebooking.



We recommend that you reschedule your next appointment prior to leaving Breathe Spa in order to ensure preferred appointment times. As a guideline, spa packages should be booked two weeks in advance or weekdays and three to four weeks for Saturday or Sunday’s.

Treatment Times

The duration of treatments listed in this guide is approximate.

For Your Comfort

During all body treatments, you are draped to protect your privacy. You may use your own undergarments for body treatments if you feel more comfortable.

Special Needs

Breathe Spa is equipped with an elevator through the main entrance of the Roger’s Building to accommodate wheelchair access. Please inform our receptionist of your needs when booking your appointment.  You will need to call upon your arrival for access to the elevator if your appointment is after regular building hours.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

To treat someone to a Breathe Spa experience, elegantly packaged and beautifully presented gift cards can be purchased. The Gift Cards are available for purchase online at our Shop located on the website.  Gift Cards do not include Gratuities or taxes. If you have a Gift certificate, please inform us when scheduling your appointment.

Group Services

Our large facility and multiple workstations makes Breathe Spa a favorite spa for accommodating groups such as friends, family, corporate and wedding parties. Call for details and we would be happy to help you with the arrangements. 50% deposit is required for large group bookings and cancelation policy applies.


Please feel free to reward your therapist for a job well done. Gratuities may be left at the spa reception desk in an envelope provided or added to your bill upon check out.

Groupon Deals

Breathe Spa uses Groupon for media exposure and marketing of our services.  Please note that we also offer all the same deals available on Groupon for purchase directly at the spa.  Please call to enquire about purchasing a Groupon deal directly from the spa and receive bonus services including Low Level Light Therapy – Celluma anti-aging-wrinkle/acne or aches and pain treatments with your deal.

Breathe Spa Sanitation Procedures

Taking care of our clients at Breathe Spa is our top priority, and that means maintaining the highest level of sanitation possible. Below we have outlined our sanitation procedures in detail. If you have any questions about our sanitation procedures please call us at 604-688-4769.

  • We use Bactistat (Hospital grade disinfectant) hand soap for hand washing.
  • During waxing, manicures and pedicures, sterile vinyl medical examination gloves are used throughout.
  • All stainless steel implements are soaked in professional grade Glucocide during services and for 1 hour after services, followed by washing in hot anti-bacterial soapy water for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal sterilization.
  • All porous implements (nail files, buffer blocks and wooden sticks), for manicures and pedicures are disposable, and are discarded or given to the client following each treatment.
  • Facials are performed with disposable sponges and cotton pads.
  • Foot soaking is performed in a stainless steel bowl, which is sterilized with Bactistat hospital grade anti-bacterial soap and hot water, and then sprayed and sanitized with T36 a hospital grade sanitizing spray.
  • All waxing implements are disposable, i.e. spatulas and cotton strips.
  • All countertops, surfaces, door handles and cabinetry are disinfected and sanitized on a daily basis.
  • Floors are bleached on a weekly basis.

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