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Dental Fillings

Dental cavities can cause excruciating, irritating pain. If you have gum swelling, bad breath, toothache, pain and discomfort in eating and talking, these could be the symptoms of dental cavities. Untreated cavities can cause further damage to your mouth and gums and in rare instances can be life-threatening. Breathe Spa offers professional tooth fillings to help treat cavities and protect your teeth.

A tooth filling is a piece of material dentists use to rebuild a part of a tooth affected by a tooth cavity. After cleaning the hole or gap in a tooth, dentists insert the filling. This filling helps to prevent future tooth decay by closing up the empty space of a tooth.

Common types of fillings include gold, silver, composite plastic or porcelain. Each of these have their own colours and structural benefits. Fillings are usually applied in layers so that way they fit the shape and appearance of the original tooth. They should feel smooth over the tongue and will become a natural feeling in your mouth. Talk to our dentist at Breathe Spa to discuss your options.


Treat your cavities and protect your teeth with tooth filling. Improve your bad breath, toothache, pain or discomfort.

Consultation required.

All insurance plans accepted.

Price starting at $150

*Prices do not include tax.

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