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Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are a common experience for people. It’s never fun but sometimes tooth extractions are needed for overall health and happiness. Common reasons for tooth extractions include tooth crowding, extensive tooth decay, root fractures, severe gum disease and impacted wisdom teeth.

One of the most common tooth-extraction procedures is wisdom-tooth extraction. Many require mild surgery to remove wisdom teeth, usually during young adulthood. When wisdom teeth are coming in, they can pose health risks. Removing them will prevent future problems that wisdom teeth can cause later in life.

At Breathe Spa, our experienced dentist can help guide you through your options for tooth-extraction procedures, wisdom-teeth removal and different anesthetics. We can find out which procedure is right for you, let you know what is involved and what to expect for managing pain after tooth extractions. We’re here to make sure your wisdom-teeth surgery runs comfortably and smoothly.


Let us help guide you through your options for tooth-extraction and wisdom-teeth removal procedures. Breathe Spa will make this a comfortable and safe experience for you.

Consultation required.

All insurance plans accepted.

Price starting at $150

*Prices do not include tax.

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