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Breathe Spa Visia Complexion Analysis

Breathe Spa offers VISIA’s multi-point position system and live image overlay to capture and document your complexion over time. The capture module rotates smoothly around your face, making the imaging process easy and comfortable.

It uses cross-polarized and UV lighting to track and measure the conditions of your skin, both on the surface and subsurface, of your left, right and frontal facial views. UV photography gives us a complete assessment of sun damage to your skin. With RBX® Technology, we can highlight specific skin conditions – spider veins, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne.

Visia Complexion Analysis

Get an analysis of your overall skin condition to see what treatment is ideal for you.


  • Determines your overall skin condition and age
  • Compares your analysis to others of the same age and skin type
  • Visualize your skin surface in 3D, from multiple angles
  • Simulate the aging process
  • Detection of skin type

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