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Malie Organic Body Line from Hawaii
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Jane Iredale, the Skincare Makeup
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If you would like to order any Malie Organics product from the list below for pick-up or delivery please email us at, or call 604 688 4769.

Malie Body Wash Malie Eau De Parfum
Evoke the essence of a Hawaiian paradise with Malie's Eau de Parfum. Formulated with wild-crafted and organic ingredients, this is true parfum, with scents extracted directly from flowers and captured in a beautiful glass spray dispenser. This product is 100% natural, no phthalates or petro-chemical by-products, just pure, natural scent, the way it was meant to be.

Malie Body Wash Malie Organic Body Wash
Indulge in a luxurious bathing experience full of natural and organic indegenous ingredients. Malie Organics all natural body wash is infused with pure plumeria Hawaiian Hydrosols, and therapeutic botanicals that nourish and moisturize, leaving skin clean, smooth and refreshed.

Malie Body Cream Malie Organic Body Cream
Treat your skin to a lush, nourishing blend of therapeutic botanicals and oils, including moisturizing Coconut, Kukui and Macadamia Nut Oils. Awapuhi Ginger, Aloe and Chamomile calm and soothe the skin while our pure Hawaiian Hydrosols lend their aromatherapeutic essences to transform body, mind and spirit. Leaves skin soft, smooth and irresistibly beautiful.

Malie Organic Liquid Hand Soap Malie Organic Liquid Hand Soap
Enjoy a small touch of indulgence in your daily life with Malie Organics luxurious hand soap and naturally cleanse with awapuhi extract while nourishing dry skin with organic aloe. Offering the naturally hydrating and therapeutic benefits of our pure Hawaiian Hydrosols.

Malie Plumeria Soy Candle Malie Plumeria Soy Candle
These elegant candles transform the ambience of any room with the serene air of the tropics. Made from slow and clean burning soy kukui oils, Malie's petroleum free soy wax candles burn for 60 hours. Nourish and calm the spirit with the pure, exotic aroma of plumerias from Hawaii.

Malie Island Ambience Reed Diffuser Island Ambience Reed Diffuser
Transform your home into a tropical paradise with the exotic aromas of the Islands. The delicate reeds allow the subtle release of these beautiful scents.

This beautiful reed diffuser is Malie Organics' #1 selling product and lasts over a year! It is the highest quality diffuser on the market and the difference is due to Malie's use of only pure perfume oil and no alcohol. Enjoy the aromas of the tropics for over a year with Malie's Island Ambiance reed diffuser

Malie Organic Body Polish Plumeria Organic Body Polish
Nurture the skin and relieve the soul. This exquisite treatment is lovingly crafted from natural and organic ingredients, incorporating tropical beauty secrets passed down through generations. Made to exfoliate, nourish and hydrate skin, giving you a beautiful golden glow.

Malie Organic Plumeria Linen and Room Spray Plumeria Organic Linen and Room Spray
Infused with Hawaiian Hydrosols, this organic spray brings the essence of paradise to your room and linens. Malie embodies the magnificence of Hawaii by distilling the tropical flora and creating Hawaiian Hydrosols, the truest essence of the flower and the heart of our organic island ambiance linen and room spray.

Malie Organic Plumeria Beauty Oil Malie Organic Plumeria Beauty Oil
Experience luxuriously soft, radiant skin & hair with the organic and therapeutic botanicals of Malie's moisturizing beauty oils. Feel the essence of beauty with our transcending aromas, taking you to paradise! Absorbs quickly on skin or hair and leaves a silky, nourished radiance. For wet or dry skin. Won't clog pores.

Malie Organic Plumeria Perfume Malie Organic Plumeria Perfume
Malie Organics perfume is hand crafted from a blend of rich organic oils that soak into the skin leaving a soft and subtle, alluring aroma. This roll-on perfume glides on skin with silky ease and is small enough to bring with you everywhere! Beautifully packaged and artesian wrapped, Malie Organics Perfume reveals the natural bounty of Hawaii and the essence of paradise in every drop.

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